Attending an Illinois football Saturday is more than a game: it is an event. From morning tailgating to evening celebrating, Illinois fans turn fall afternoons into fun-filled occasions stocked with good friends, good food, and the Fighting Illini.

Memorial Stadium Saturdays have long been the site of family gatherings and business meetings. With several premium seating options on the stadium's renovated west side, Illinois fans and supporters have the opportunity to enjoy this camaraderie in the same comfort and class they would in their own homes. Friends of the program who lease Memorial Stadium Suites or belong to one of the exclusive clubs - the 77 Club or the Colonnades Club - have access to a long list of exclusive amenities, including private restrooms, enhanced dining, priority parking, comfortable seats, and climate-controlled environments.

Funds from sales of these leasing opportunities go directly toward paying for the renovations that were completed prior to the 2008 season. You are encouraged to spend some time investigating the many different seating options that are available in Memorial Stadium. Premium seating is available to the general public. Act now to reserve your place in Illinois History.

Single Game Options